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Glove Care

The most important piece of equipment to a keeper is their gloves and yet young keepers all too often negligent them. A decent game glove can cost $75.00 and more... more >>

Goalkeeping: More than just shot stopping

In the United States I have seen many goalkeepers who are very good shot stoppers when training --- making spectacular flying saves. But when they play in actual games... more >>

For National Goalie Wars….sharpen your distribution

As you may know, reusch USA is a major sponsor of the National Goalie Wars Association. Goalie Wars is great training for shot-stopping and distribution... more >>

Catch, Catch, and Catch Some More

One of my pet-peeves as a GK Trainer is that GKs--of all levels--seem to have lost the art of catching the ball.... more >>

For Quality Training....Gear Up!

Young GKs and High School aged GKs need to realize that if they have college or pro aspirations; training is paramount...
more >>

Choosing a Soccer Camp

Each year, right about this time, I am asked by parents whose kids play Goalkeeper, “EV, what camp should my son/daughter go to? What is your recommendation?” And every year my answer is pretty much the same... more >>
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