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For National Goalie Wars….sharpen your distribution

By Eric Vaughter
reusch USA

As you may know, reusch USA is a major sponsor of the National Goalie Wars Association. Goalie Wars is great training for shot-stopping and distribution; and now National Goalie Wars has made this Goalkeeper ‘favorite’ a national competition.

So, if you’re thinking about entering one of the many regional NGWA competitions, be sure to sharpen your distribution skills. Most every GK, at any level, is proficient at shot-stopping. After all, it’s the first thing we learn as GKs…how to see the ball, move our hands to the proper position for catching or parrying, and how to get our body behind the shots that we can. However, I believe that in order to win the Goalie Wars competition(s) you need to be as efficient at distribution as you are shot-stopping. Therefore, GKs should spend some serious ‘repetition time’ serving balls (kicking) from the ground, out of hands for punts and half-volleys, and throwing. The drills are easy enough, and can be done on your won. All you need is a soccer ball, a wall, and some chalk or tape to ‘mark off’ the size of a goal. (Go to for an overview of the rules, contests, etc.)

Training at striking or throwing a ball, for the GK, is a lot like going to the driving range at a golf facility. Through the process of repetition you will learn and develop your own technique for placing the ball where you want it to go. Pick out a spot on the wall, throw or kick the ball toward it, and of course get a bit of catching work in when the ball rebounds to you. Over the course of time and training, you will find that your accuracy and power improve so when it comes time to step into the goal for your NWGA contest, you’ll be ready to win your way to the national finals! Good luck!

Eric Vaughter is currently the Goalkeeper coach at Vanderbilt University   (W) as well as GK trainer at Lipscomb University (M) in Nashville, TN.

Long acknowleged as one of the top GK Coaches in the US;   Vaughter has trained GKs of all levels--Youth thru Professional.   EV is the President and Managing Director of The NET performance Group, LLC--a Soccer & Education firm.   Vaughter works as a product design and marketing partner for reusch USA as well as heading up the reusch USA NETwork of Coaches.

EV is also Executive Director and Head Coach of the Nashville Preparatory Soccer Academy.