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Reusch Thanks All World Cup Goalies!


They did all their very best, but unfortunately this time the quarter-final was the end of the line for all Reusch Goalies.

The final results are disappointing, especially for title favourites Brazil and Argentina, but the individual performance of each Reusch keeper gave pleasure to the whole Reusch team.

Ecuador and Switzerland reaching the round of sixteen wasn´t really predictable. Cristian Mora did a great job and except for the penalty shootout Swiss Pascal Zuberbuehler kept a clean sheet. As Switzerland was previously known as the team guaranteed to let goals in this is a really impressive result for Zubi and his young team.

Since 1974 the Fifa World Cup 2006 is only the third time that no Reusch goalie will finally hold the cup in his hands. It´s a pitty but at the same time a challenge for all national keeper playing with Reusch gloves to fetch the cup back to Reusch in 2010.

Reusch thanks all World Cup Goalies for being the best imaginable Reusch representatives for our goalkeeper gloves!