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Sonja Nef Takes Leave After 12 World Cup Seasons

Sonja Nef announced this week in Sestriere (Italy) her precocious retraction from competitive sports. She founded this step on the absent success and on health problems. “I couldn’t manage to find my way back to the top. Furthermore I am suffering from an aching hip ignition”. At the run of her career Sonja Nef has been World Champion, gained a bronze medal at the Olympic Games and won altogether 15 World Cup races and two times the discipline World Cup.

Her career started in 1993 in Vemdalen (Sweden) at the age of 20. Thenceforward she has been an inherent part of the World Cup. Her great breakthrough Sonja had in 1996 at the Giant Slalom in Maribor (Slovenia) when she climbed the podium for the first time. Then at the Downhill Slalom in Sestriere (Italy) she won her first World Cup race. In-between 1999 and 2003 she stood at the summit of her career.

Although she was thinking about a demission in 2003 caused by another knee injury, she started again in the seasons 04/05 and 05/06.

We want to thank Sonja Nef for the great cooperation and we wish her only the best for the future!!!

The Reusch Team

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