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Palm of glove: Our D1 Durasoft foam is designed for playing conditions on artificial fields, indoor fields, or hard ground fields. This high quality foam has an additive making it denser and more abrasion resistant, yet it maintains a good grip. Its fine porous structure provides the best impact damping qualities. There is a foam gusset on the inside of the pinkie finger that, again, keeps foam on the ball until the very last moment.PERSONALIZATION NOT AVAILABLE

Backhand of glove: Super Softi foam all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Our revolutionary Pro Flex™ technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. We have combined specific stretch materials and applied our expert knowledge of soccer and glove technology to invent the best backhand flexibility on the glove market. Pro Flex™ is technology at the highest level! The new Full Strap Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a better fit and more control.

Construction: The optimal fit and catching zone provided by our revolutionary Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™ (Ergonomic Support System) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed (spread so the keeper has a better hand position on the ball). Our Keep Control™ helps when catching and holding the ball. The inside of the small finger is covered with a highly functioning latex palm. So, the negative stitched small finger latex gusset prevents the ball from slipping when holding or throwing the ball as long as possible.Rolled Thumb Construction. The deep thumb notch on the face of the glove includes an elasticized piece below the foam to help eliminate tear out. We also use an elasticized thread throughout the glove to help eliminate tear out. Ventilation holes in the gussets help keep the player cooler during match play. Includes ESS™, Thumbflex™. Our new STRAP LOOP™ helps the keeper open the wrist strap.

WAORANI PRO D1 (3470605)
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