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For perfect fit, super grip, maximum protection and optimum comfort, we offer a wide range of palm materials, cuts and cuffs and therefore have the perfect glove for every goalkeeper.

The Bowl Cut
Anatomically pre-shaped fingers adapt perfectly to the natural position of the hand and ensure the optimum position when gripping. The bowl-shaped, inner surface of the hand offers precision ball contact for a secure hold.
The Expanse Cut
With this cut, the seams lie outside to enlarge the inner surface of the hand and create the maximum area for contact with the ball.
The Advanced Expanse Cut
The seams also lie outside for larger ball contact area. The elimination of the side panels also ensures the best possible fit. The side seams on the little finger and index finger are inside giving a perfect fit and maximum ball control– the optimum in glove fitting.
The Lady Expanse Cut
Special narrow cut with longer fingers, matched to the anatomy of the female hand. Fits well and helps the woman goalkeeper give her best performance.
The Surround Cut
With this cut, the seams are inside so that the adhesive foam runs around the fingers. This ensures optimum fit and stability and guarantees long-term constant ball contact with adhesive latex palm.
The Special Surround Cut
A special cut, similar to the surround cut where the grip lining also surrounds the sides of the fingers. Guarantees 100 percent latex on the ball, even in extreme conditions.
The Advanced Ergo Cut
This brand new cut follows the anatomical shape of the hand from the fingers to the wrist. Hand and glove therefore create a unit that permits sensitive ball feel and the most secure grip.
The Outside Surround Cut
Special cut with a duo mega grip foam surrounding the index and the little finger completely. Palm side stitching on index and little finger are inside. Cut
improves stability and protection.