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DUO™ technology

Reusch – DUO™ Technology

A goalie’s glove is his most essential piece of equipment. It directly connects the goalie and the ball. Optimal grip between hand and glove is decisive for good ball control and a sure catch. If a glove is too loose or if it slips upon impact, then not only is that glove uncomfortable to wear, it can also undermine a goalie’s confidence and even cause mistakes that can influence the outcome of a match. Reusch developed a unique technology called “Reusch DUO™” for goalkeeper gloves. Inside these gloves, a goalie’s hands are optimally protected against the shock of impact and simultaneously enjoy an extraordinarily direct feel for the ball.

A Very Fine Construction

An additional latex construction on the palm inside the glove assures maximal grip between hand and glove, which it uniquely and directly fuses. Hand and glove become a single unit. The glove conforms to every motion of the hand like a second skin that always fits comfortably and with optimal stability.

At the same time, Reusch DUO™ technology assures excellent shock absorption for the goalie’s palm and fingers. A functionally constructed extra inner layer of latex absorbs and distributes the energy of the ball’s impact without reducing the elasticity of the glove. Reusch DUO™ technology combines an extraordinarily direct feel for the ball with a uniquely sure catch and optimal shock absorption.