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Flexotomic™ technology

Goalie’s pants are much more than just a pair of trousers. They have a hard job to do and have to be not only tough, but also functional and comfortable to wear. And they must protect. That’s where Reusch’s Flexotomic™ pants come into play.

With the Flexotomic™ line, Reusch has already added to the Spring/Summer collection 2005 a real high light. Tough but soft and highly elastic materials are combined with cuts that are made to exactly follow the movements of a goalkeeper.

With the Flexotomic™ construction, paddings at the hip, the upper thighs, knees – and with the long pants as well at the shin – offer maximum protection without compromising the goalkeeper’s
freedom of movement. These pants are cut in a more ergonomic way than regular models and therefore fit perfectly soft to the leg. The paddings are not only there to protect the leg optimally, but also support the goalkeeper’s movements and stance and help him maintain his balance. They follow the natural form of the leg like a second skin and don’t slip out of position during a fast movement; the protection always stays where it’s supposed to be and where it’s needed.

Reusch’s Flexotomic™ line is suitable for the most variable range of applications from grass to street and available as shorts, 3/4 shorts, long pants and jumpsuit with short and long legs and arms. Plus, the line is fitted with Moisture Management fabrics, which make for best wearing comfort and performance development.