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ORTHO TEC™ technology

The goalkeeper often is the last line between victory and defeat, being not only in the crossfire but also in permanent danger of suffering a hand injury.

Ortho-Tec™ by Reusch is an overload protection system for vulnerable areas of the hand. The glove’s upper hand is reinforced in a way that the fingers – including the thumb – are braced against forces occurring during a ball’s impact. The system not only prevents injuries, it is also suitable to disburden and protect an injury already sustained.

Reusch’s Ortho-Tec™ technology is based on so-called protector sticks. These sticks are a double- rib construction made of pressure molded PS-polyamides and are so lightweighted that they don’t affect the glove’s function and the goalkeeper’s actions. The protector sticks can be inserted or removed for individual fingers, allowing the goalkeeper to customize the glove exactly to his individual needs.

The design is very flexible on the inside of the hand and allows the fingers an unobstructed grabbing movement without additional effort, while bending the fi ngers to the rear into the injury zone is almost impossible. The hands’ sensibility while catching the ball is not compromised at all.

The Ortho-Tec™ system by Reusch has been the most extensive and best working finger protection system on the market for years. Within the last two years, it was developed even further: The new ergonomic construction adapts perfectly to the fingers’ curvature. Ortho-Tec™ is featured on gloves for men and women as well as for kids.