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Palm Materials

For perfect fit, super grip, maximum protection and optimum comfort, we offer a wide range of palm materials, cuts and cuffs and therefore have the perfect glove for every goalkeeper.

Duo Mega Grip
The excellent properties of the Reusch Mega Grip, coupled with the finest in design: An additional layer of latex on the inside of the palm guarantees maximum absorbtion and gives the hand optimum contact with the palm for secure catching and an extraordinary ball feeling.
Mega Grip
High-quality and extremely soft latex foam with excellent properties for use in various weather conditions. A further development based on the SSG lining with 80% natural latex and 20% synthetic latex for improved grip and ball contact. The latex layer is 3.5 mm thick, the cushioning material, a polyurethane compound, is 3 mm thick.
Duo Aqua Tech™
Reusch’s latest innovation and an explicit request from our top goalkeepers: The excellent properties of the Aqua Tech™ latex foam combined with the excellent Reusch DUO™ design. This palm speaks for itself!
Aqua Tech™
Thanks to its special material component, the Aqua Tech™ palm is the perfect choice for damp and wet conditions. This is where the glove performs at its best and guarantees maximum grip and secure catching. To get the best potential from the latex foam, the Hydrograins™ inside the material should be "activated" one to two hours before use by placing in warm water (35- 40°C). Important: These features give full performance only in rain or damp conditions!
XCG X-Condition Grip
The XCG-latex composition is the perfect all-rounder and offers goalkeepers an excellent degree of safety and control in all weather conditions. Whether used in dry, damp or cold conditions, this latex foam always stays soft, becomes neither porous nor slippery and has optimum cushioning characteristics. Compared with other established products on the market, the XCG lining has achieved unprecedented durability.
SSG Super Soft Grip
Micro-porous foam from 75% natural latex and 25% synthetic latex with ideal adhesive properties and excellent impact absorbtion for use in various weather conditions.
TTG Tough Tech Grip
Excellent grip and extremely high resistance – this lining is the first choice for use on hard pitches. The material is soft and flexible yet highly resistant to scuffing on ground contact.
Granite Plus
Its softer and firmer quality coupled with unprecedented resistance make this enhanced development of the granite latex the best choice for use in tough conditions.
Extremely durable adhesive foam with maximum scuff resistance, especially designed for asphalt and hardcourts. Thanks to its high resistance and good grip, this lining is also a very popular choice for training.
Latech foams are manufactured either from pure artificial latex or a mixture of artificial and natural latex. Latech is available with either a smooth or structured surface. Latech palms have reliable grip and cushioning properties and prove to be the right choice, especially for all-round and training applications.