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Shockshield™ technology

During goal attempts, it’s not unusual for the soccer ball to rocket toward the goal – and the goalkeeper – at a speed of well over 100 km/h. The goalie’s fist is a particularly successful and important defense against mercilessly hard shots like these. But the impact of the ball often causes microscopic contusions on the back of the goalie’s hand, and these bruising injuries adversely affect response and performance. With Shockshield, Reusch debuts an unprecedented technology that makes fist defense safer, more controllable, and thus more effective.

The key factor is an innovative and unique processing technology that Reusch developed during many years of intensive collaboration with leading goalkeepers and scientists. For the first time anywhere in the world, this technology makes it possible to emboss the latex coating on the upper side of the glove a unique three-dimensional landscape of raised hills and inset valleys. This makes it possible to support the stressed zones on the back of the hand in a well-targeted and effective way with shock-absorbent material. With Shockshield, Reusch has succeeded in constructing a glove which is significantly stronger in the part that covers the back of the hand. Without restricting its flexibility, this revolutionary new glove palpably absorbs the powerful blow from the incoming ball and simultaneously distributes its impact over the largest possible area.