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STORMBLOX™ technology

Sweating on the slope with negative degrees prevailing can be bad enough. But then, if then the wind also starts to blow, things are becoming critical.

Even with winter sports and its low temperatures, sweating is an inevitable thing. And this very combination of cold and moisture is fatal for your performance – let alone the fact that increasing risk of injury. When sweat cannot exhaust from the inside of one’s clothing, the body starts cooling off during the next recess. If then, above all, an icy wind is coming up, this effect multiplies considerably. Because of the so-called Windchill effect, the temperature feels much colder with increasing wind speed.
Reusch’s new Stormbloxx™ membrane is the antidote against this worst case scenario. It prevents the body’s cooling off effectively by providing the following two things at once: Annoying sweat is able to exhaust through the membrane to the outside while cold wind has no chance of penetrating it. The pores of the membrane are big enough to let through the water molecules; the wind whereas can’t get through the membrane’s fine structure of pores to the inside.

By providing a proper evacuation of moisture, cooling off is forestalled in the first place. Moreover, thanks to the Stormbloxx™ technology the wind can’t “blow away” the pad of body warmth between skin and replace it by cold outside air. In this manner, performance is not compromised, risk of injury is diminished and the athlete feels well even throughout each alternating phase of strain.

Reusch’s Stormbloxx™ technology is found in apparel, gloves and caps and is always a combination of three different materials: The special Stormbloxx™ PU mem­­-brane, one carrier layer and an additional shell fabric like fleece, nylon or spandex, according to the piece of garment at hand. Therefore, Stormbloxx™ can be finetune to each and any application.

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