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Emily is wearing Reusch gloves. Emily is wearing Reusch gloves.

Reusch gloves are my favorite gloves to wear. They are very grippy and last a long time. I especially like the Duo Foam. Reusch is always coming out with better gloves, and I am always very excited to find out about the newest and greatest pair, so I can get my hands in them as quick as possible! Reusch gloves are the best!

Brent is wearing Reusch Raptor Pro G1 Ortho-Tec glove. Brent wears the Reusch Raptor Pro G1 Ortho-Tec glove.

My son Brent has played keeper since he was 7 years old. I coach my son's U11Boys Competitive "A" Division Cysa soccer team. We have tried several different manufacturers gloves but without a doubt, the Reusch Raptor Pro G1 Ortho-Tec is the best. Brent has told me that these are the best gloves he has used. To support this, our record this 2009 season is 6-1-0 which has us in first place in the Competitive "A" Division for CYSA. We also have the best record, 22 goals and only 4 goals on us. We would highly recommend Reusch to anyone who is serious about improving their game as keeper.

Brent is wearing the Reusch Raptor Pro G1 Ortho-Tec glove

Katie is wearing Reusch Ortho Sleek gloves. Katie wears Reusch Ortho Sleek gloves.

My dauhter Katie plays keeper in a GU15 \ "Gold\" team and the goalie coach had told us that the Reusch gloves were the best. "Well I'm shocked! The gloves Ortho Sleek (1771571) really worked!!! They grab anything... I am so happy! When these wear out, I'm going to come back again."

Katie is wearing the Reusch Ortho-Tec Sleek

Brae wears the Goaliator Ortho-Tec Brae wears the Goaliator Ortho-Tec

"I always wear Reusch gloves because they grip the best and last the longest. They give me the confidence I need for High School, Club, and ODP. My favorite gloves are the Reusch Goaliator Pro Ortho-Tec’s because they grip amazingly in the sun, rain and snow. – Bree"

Bree wears the Goaliator Ortho-Tec